Ganesh Blotter Art Print


Blotter art print featuring a Ganesh design,
7.5 inches square perforated into 900 x 1/4″ squares.

High quality Lithograph press using vegetable inks on lsd blotter paper.
handsigned and numbered on request.

contains no lsd.

legally I have been advised to make the following statement:
the sheets I sell are totally legal to possess. as they are “art” and there has never been any drug present on any of them. These sheets are best suited in a frame and/ or signed.

Warning: trying to pass these sheets of as LSD is totally illegal and against my principles, it can also carry a long prison sentence if you get caught…

if you abuse the privilege of owning any of these pieces of art expect bad Karma for the rest of your life.
Bad Karma can be a lot worse than a long prison sentence.

Care of these sheets will bring you prosperity and good luck.