Beautiful Decay Chairfix

I created theses two chairs as part of a hard surface project. The chair itself was designed by Ben Wilson in 2003 for a project with the Stussy clothing store. It seemed like a natural choice for Matt.

Having selected the hard surface I created a pattern made from sketches and images collected whilst visiting some of London’s lesser known museums and galleries. Matt drew his inspiration from the Shirley Sherwood Gallery in Kew Gardens collaging his imagery with drawings he created after visiting the Hunterian Museum based in The Royal College of Surgeons.

I covered the two chairs in a repeat pattern made up from botanical art, which was layered and camouflaged with drawings of skulls and bones. I opted to print a light grey repeat over the entirety of one of the chairs with a lavender purple backdrop creating a powerful and intriguing outcome. The second chair has been printed in the same pattern but this I printed black on black. The base of the chair is mat black, with the botanical bone pattern printed in a gloss two pack ink system, giving the chair a very subtle finish.