Blotter Art

Blotter Art is a term that refers to the artwork that liquid LSD is dropped onto. The artwork is printed onto “blotter” paper and then perforated into tiny squares or “hits,” which can be torn apart into easy to manage quantities.

Blotter Acid began to make an appearance on the streets as far back as 1967 in the UK and in USA a little later. Shortly after, iconic images began to make their way onto the Blotter Paper, which allowed dealers to put their own logo on the acid they were selling. The logo could have been professionally printed or have been a rubber stamp of some freaky image. Not only did this serve to identify a brand of acid, but by using Blotter Paper, which weighed far less than other mediums, it kept drug dealers who got busted from getting as much mandatory time.

Today, Blotter Art is a highly collectable form of artwork. It has transcended the underground drug market and is available to art lovers worldwide. It is not illegal, it is ART!

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